"CIS-WEB Radio looked into many playlist software from the highest priced to shareware and freeware, there isn't one that compares to StationPlaylist ease of use and have yet to find a problem with reliability. The time saved in programming alone allowed us the time to branch out into live broadcasts and hit weekends, we are in less than a year ready to upgrade.  We have since recommended your products to a number of stations."
Dave Parks, CIS-WEB Radio


Affordable radio automation and music scheduling

Here's a small sampling of what our customers are saying about StationPlaylist Creator and Studio.

"AMAZING SOFTWARE!!!!  The tightest I've worked with and I have worked with many software over the years including Maestro, Scot, and Oplog."
Mike Devine
"...as a VETERAN broadcaster I want to tell you just how much this combination of Creator and Studio has blown me away. I've been in the "Biz" for...well let's say over 35 years."
Steve Newman, Alabama
"I want to tell you that, for the price, this is stunningly good software! :-) I've worked, as an engineer, in broadcasting for about 20 years now and I've seen a lot of automation. This is a good product and it rivals in many ways what the big packages do."
Mark R. Foreman
"Thanks for your impressive product.  I am a Master User on both Scott Studios and Prophet Systems NexGen, and find this to be most competitive with those two very sophisticated platforms."
Alan Olson, KIIQ-FM, Limon, Colorado
"...Honestly, I don't know how you have these two products do as much as they do. I am just in awe of your programming abilities. They are truly a gift to all of us.  I hope others remind you often about how much you are appreciated for all of your awesome support and automation software.  It would really be a disgrace to you if this was not done."
Jonathan Milam, DJ, ACB Radio
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