"Thank you so much.  You guys are awesome!!!!  StationPlaylist Creator & Studio does absolutely everything we were wanting it to do. Goodbye SAM Broadcaster, HELLO StationPlaylist !!!!!!!!
Jimmy Casum, WXYXZ


Affordable radio automation and music scheduling

Here's a small sampling of what our customers are saying about StationPlaylist Creator and Studio.

"With 18 years in broadcast radio, much of it setting up automated systems, including old tape-based ones, I can say with authority that your two packages integrate to create an extremely affordable, very professional sounding automation/live-assist system.  Money well spent."
Dave Stewart, Smokin' Country 94.3 FM, Perry, Georgia
"I must say that I'm absolutely amazed at what this will do - I'm a radio anorak but a computer idiot, however I managed to have your demo up & running on Sunday.  Your system will enable our new community radio station to operate unattended whilst I carry on with the day job.  An excellent piece of kit."
Jim Salmon, Chelmsford Calling, Chelmsford, England.
 "Also wanted to thank you for your efforts in this program.  It is a fine piece of software with great ease of use.  As a former radio programmer, I am well-versed with scheduling software such as RCS-Selector and PowerGold.  Your program has a lot to offer and is very user-friendly.  Look forward to much enjoyment from this!"
Travis Weger, Phoenix, AZ
"...Compliments on creating brilliant, user-friendly and professional software! I do not want to use anything else.  My best wishes..."
Mariska Rabie, Music compiler and presenter, Rippel 90.5 FM, Pretoria, South Africa
"...can I just say that I'm impressed beyond belief with your product. Speaking as a former RCS user and trainer, the results are very comparable whilst the costs are not !!!!!"
Jon Maxfield, Atlantis FM, Tenerife, Canary Islands
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