"I must say that I'm absolutely amazed at what this will do - I'm a radio anorak but a computer idiot, however I managed to have your demo up & running on Sunday.  Your system will enable our new community radio station to operate unattended whilst I carry on with the day job.  An excellent piece of kit."
Jim Salmon, Chelmsford Calling, Chelmsford, England.


Affordable radio automation and music scheduling

Creator FAQ
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1 How do I schedule advertisements?
2 How do Voice Intro's and Outro's work?
3 What does Creator do?
4 What does the Playlist Scheduler do?
5 What is a Category?
6 What is a Rotation?
7 What is a Schedule?
8 What is a Spot Group?
9 What is Voice Tracking?
10 Why have some tracks not been selected after several weeks?
11 Why should I use Creator?
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