"...Honestly, I don't know how you have these two products do as much as they do. I am just in awe of your programming abilities. They are truly a gift to all of us.  I hope others remind you often about how much you are appreciated for all of your awesome support and automation software.  It would really be a disgrace to you if this was not done."
Jonathan Milam, DJ, ACB Radio


Affordable radio automation and music scheduling

Studio Playlist Demonstration

We have created a demonstration playlist for showing off some of Studio's features.  It includes voice tracks and several songs truncated to 30 seconds for legal reasons.  You are welcome to download and install the playlist.  The trial edition of Studio will detect the playlist and load it automatically.

The voice tracks in the playlist are not pre-mixed with any songs.  Voice track / song ramp overlapping is a feature of Studio Pro.

Download Demo Playlist

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