"With 18 years in broadcast radio, much of it setting up automated systems, including old tape-based ones, I can say with authority that your two packages integrate to create an extremely affordable, very professional sounding automation/live-assist system.  Money well spent."
Dave Stewart, Smokin' Country 94.3 FM, Perry, Georgia


Affordable radio automation and music scheduling


You are welcome to download the trial versions of our software and try them for 30 days. Full help documentation is included with each package.  Studio requires a track scheduler, eg. Creator, to supply playlists for automation purposes.

Download both Creator and Studio below to trial our full suite. Both are required for automation purposes.

Note: The Trial editions cannot be unlocked.  Registered users should not install this software.

StationPlaylist Creator

The trial edition of Creator has all functionality of the Pro edition, but has a limit on the number of categories, spot groups, rotations & schedules that may be created.

Playlist files may be created and used for broadcasting.  The schedule template and Related Artists are not permanently saved and simply need re-creating at every load.

The install package also includes StationPlaylist Scheduler which will function continuously for 48 hours and then terminate, however, it may then be restarted.

Download Creator v5.20 trial

StationPlaylist Studio

The trial edition of Studio has all functionality of the Pro edition, however, it will terminate after 6 hours of continuous operation.  It may then be restarted for another 6 hours.

Download Studio v5.20 trial

Remote Voice Tracker

Remote Voice Tracker is designed to record voice tracks from a remote location and automatically upload the voice tracks and modify the playlists back at the station.  VT Server is installed at the station, and the Remote VT Client is a free app the DJ installs.

See the Product page for more information.

Creator must be installed and configured on the PC where the VT Server app is to be installed.

The trial edition of VT Server will terminate after 3 hours of continuous operation.  It may then be restarted for another 3 hours.

Download VT Server v5.20 trial

StationPlaylist Streamer

Streamer  is a stand-alone stream encoder program designed to take the audio from the soundcard, optionally pass it through a software compressor/limiter, and encode the audio to a stream in various/multiple formats for broadcasting on the internet.

Note: This software does not play or produce any audio.  StationPlaylist Creator and StationPlaylist Studio is designed for that purpose.  See the Products web page for more information.

The trial edition of Streamer will terminate after 6 hours of continuous operation.  It may then be restarted for another 6 hours.

Download Streamer v5.20 trial

Sample Files

Time & temperature files

Download sample Time Announcement file

Download sample Temperature Announcement file


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